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Colorful Salad

Updated: May 23, 2020

I find winter brings us eating comfort food and forgetting those amazing salads. The greens and amazing colors are so vital in our nutrient requirements. I was looking through my recipes for ideas for the Christmas dinner, and remembered a favourite of mine as you can use any grain or protein as the base, and then add any veggies you want. I load mine up with anything in the fridge that calls my name. I LOVE a loaded salad. The magic of this one is you can add a great protein bag to it if you want, or keep it is a grain and carb based. I do not always like to get my proteins from just animal sources. Quinoa, beans, lentils, chickpeas... lots of options are out there. THEN the dressing, just finishes it perfectly.


-1 cup CouCous OR Quinoa, or pasta, or anything really. I usually do it with couscous or quinoa depending on if I want it carb or more protein based. (cook and cool before adding)

-1/2 can chickpeas OR black bean. Rinse throughouly

-1/4 cup feta... I actually don't put feta in mine as we are not big cheese eaters and we have a vegan in the family so this way it is great for every

one but... go for it. It does taste great.

-from here the fun begins....I use celery, mushrooms, peppers, green onion, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumber, spinach (chopped) ANYTHING. I like to chop in large chunks to get a great crunch with every bite. Mix it all together


-1/8 cup fresh chopped parsley

-1/4 tsp or more of Western Family Hot Pepper Sauce

-1/2 tsp or more of tumeric - LOVE tumeric... I add cracked black pepper when I use tumeric - activates it and makes it more readily available soooo it has amazing anti-inflammatory qualities.

-1/2 tsp of salt

-2 cloves of garlic

-1/8 cup lemon juice or slighly more to add a touch more zest

-1/4 cup cold pressed olive oil - you could use more here if you are making a larger batch - I don't like my salads saturated! LOL


I like to add the dressing to the coucous or quinoa and then put it all together. If it doesn't mix and cover thoroughly - add more dressing!

ENJOY and let me know your thoughts.

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