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Fiona Hermanutz - Owner - Master Teacher Trainer for PAI
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Bachelor of Education Degree:  Major- Physical Education,  Minor- Atypical Education, University of Alberta, December, 1990.



         -July 30, 2016.  Master Instructor Trainer.  Fully Comprehensive.  All courses for the Pilates Academy International. Kimberly Corp and                Katherine Corp

         -May 16, Yoga Tune Up Ball.  Roll Model Method

         -August 22, 2015.  Silk Suspension Instructor and Master Instructor Trainer.  Pilates Academy International.  Kimberly Corp and Katherine            Corp

        -June 9, 2013.  Balance Body Barre.  Portia Page.  Nora St John.

        -February 17, 2013.  Pfilates Program of Advanced Expertise in Pelvic Floor Training. 

        -April 21, 2007 – Nov 11, 2011.  Balance Body University.  Fully Comprehensive.  Balance Body Comprehensive Pilates Instructor Training             Test Out.  Katie Santos.  Nora St John. (June 15, 2012)

        -October 17, 2006.  Pilates Coach TPC.  Reformer Level 1, Functional Tower, Chair Barrel Spine Corrector and Bender Ball Trainer.  Leslee             Bender.

        -October 17, 2006.  Pilates Coach. Anatomy in Clay Training

        -December 12, 2004.  Preparatory and Classical Mat Work Repertoire of the Pilates Method. Steve Bryson

        -Anatomy, Kinesiology, Biomechanics, and Physiology courses.  University of Alberta. 1985 – 1990

        -CPR and Standard First Aid - updated


Fiona Hermanutz has been active in sports and activity all her life.  Her first interest in teaching movement came with her Education Degree, specializing in Physical Education.  She has been an educator in the schools from 1990 through to 2014.  She has been involved in coaching, teaching, and mentoring students for years in the education system.  She designed the Fit For Life Program for Sir George Simpson while teaching Physical Education.  She retired out of her position at Sir George Simpson in June, 2014 to pursue and continue to grow her Pilates business; Mobile Fitness and Pilates.   Since then, her passion in fitness for all ages has increased.  She has been involved in the fitness industry for over 25 years teaching young children to seniors.  Her expertise ranges from traditional step classes, to intense spin classes, to technical Pilates mat and equipment classes.  She has presented at numerous fitness conferences and workshops for fitness leaders and education teachers. 

Fiona’s fitness profession started with her teaching in various clubs and studios while also teaching junior high and high school.  She started Mobile Fitness in 2001, realizing there was a need for different forms of fitness in the schools.    She would travel to schools and teach athletic type classes to students as well as offer Professional Development workshops and seminars within the schools for teachers involved in daily physical activity with students.  Through Fiona’s journey in the fitness industry, she branched into the Pilates world when she took a serious injury and found a whole new movement she had never experienced. The rehab and maintenance of Pilates made her realize that effective and precise core training and alignment work did wonders for the body! This training gave Fiona her movement back and started her passion for Pilates and the various benefits it offers.

It was at this time she took her first certification with Steve Bryson and Body Works Pilates in Edmonton.  In December of 2004 she finished her Preparatory and Classical Mat Work Repertoire of the Pilates Method.   She expanded Mobile Fitness, changed the name to Mobile Fitness and Pilates and started teaching out of her own location rather than traveling to various clubs and schools.  Through the years of 2005- 2007,  Fiona took numerous certifications, and courses to expand her knowledge in Pilates. As she grew in her knowledge, she also grew as a company. In April 2007, Fiona started her journey to her full comprehensive training with Balance Body.   As her clientele base grew she realized the need to expand.  She opened her smaller studio in September, 2007. This studio offered a 1200 sq ft Pilate’s equipment, TRX, mat, and weight training studio.  On November 11, 2011, Fiona finished her final test and write out with Balance Body. With two young children, and still teaching part time in the schools, this journey has been small stepping stones.   With steady growth and a team of amazing instructors passionate and dedicated to movement, Mobile Fitness and Pilates opened a larger studio to serve their clients better. The new 2000 sq ft, fully equipped studio opened in the Spring of 2013. Fiona retired from her part time teaching position in the schools to work full time at the studio.    Fiona presently teaches various classes in her studio and works hand in hand with a number of physio therapists, massage therapists (on site) and chiropractors.   Her passion is to educate young and old to move effectively and efficiently in their bodies!  Fiona works with rehabilitative clients all the way to elite athletes of all ages.  In the summer of 2015, Fiona travelled to New York City to Pilates on Fifth where she started her new journey.  She brought Silks Suspension Pilates to St. Albert and area, and became a Master Teacher Trainer for Pilates Academy International. Mobile Fitness and Pilates is now a Satellite Center for Teacher training for Pilates Academy International with the guidance of Kimberly Corp and Katherine Corp.  On July 30, 2016, Fiona became a Master Teacher Trainer, Fully Comprehensive in all courses for the PAI.   In 2016 Mobile Fitness and Pilates incorporated and is excited to be able to offer teacher training to instructors in Alberta and the surrounding area. Fiona and her team continually strive to educate and better ourselves to provide a stronger foundation of learning to each client that walks in our doors! 

Ayla Hermanutz


University of Alberta, Animal Biology and Conservation B.Sc



    -Master Trainer Pilates Academy International, All disciplines of Pilates Mat and Equipment

     -Pilates Academy International SilkSuspension Pilates all levels with Trainer

      Fiona Hermanutz, 2016

     -Pilates Academy International Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Postural Anaylsis  with Trainer

      Fiona Hermanutz, 2016

     -Pilates Academy International All Populations Mat  1 and 2 with Trainer Fiona Hermanutz, 2016

     -Pilates Academy International All Populations Reformer  1 and 2 with Trainer Fiona Hermanutz, 2017

     -Pilates Academy International All Populations Barrels  1 and 2 with Trainer Fiona Hermanutz, 2018

     -Pilates Academy International All Populations Chair 1 and 2 with Trainer Fiona Hermanutz, 2019

     -AB-EZE with Trainer Fiona Hermanutz, 2019

     -Pilates Academy International All Populations Caddie 1 and 2 with Trainer Fiona Hermanutz - presently taking 

     -CPR and Standard First Aid  



Ayla has been active in Pilates on mat, apparatus since she was 10 years old. Learning an amazing appreciation for how the body moves and responds to various patterns, as well as a keen understanding on biomechanics and anatomy has motivated Ayla to pursue a comprehensive training in mat and apparatus.  


After a number of shoulder dislocations and shoulder surgery, Ayla turned to Pilates, specifically SILKSUSPENSION initially and stabilization work to gain her strength, mobility, and flexibility back in her upper body.   Her training in SILKSUSPENSION and Reformer through the numerous stabilization and strength exercises has allowed her to therapy herself back to full strength.  Ayla has a background in numerous dance disciplines as well as volleyball.  She has an athletic twist to her movements and Pilates. Her passion for helping others shines through in her direction she has chosen in her studies at University. With her first degree completed in Animal Biology and Conservation B.Sc, she aspires to continue in her educational journey with her focus being on Physical Therapy.  Her passion is evident in her approach she teaches with. Ayla works with all ages from young teens to the seniors in her chair classes at the Senior Center.

She is a young and enthusiastic instructor and we are happy to have her on our team. Her training is with PILATES ACADEMY INTERNATIONAL out of New York City. Ayla is fully comprehensive with PAI and is now a Master Trainer for PAI in Mat, SilkSuspension, and all the equipment plus the Anatomy, Biomechanics, and Postural Analysis courses. 

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