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Offered online on ZOOM Sunday 7:45pm

It is becoming more common place to have repetitive injury or overuse injury in our young athletes and adults.  We are excited to offer this new class that will specifically STRETCH AND RELEASE those overused and tight muscles and connective tissue.


This program uses 3 guidelines:

        1) wet noodle.... release and let gravity gently glide and melt your body into the various poses and stretches that we will hold

        2) 4:8 breath.... let's inhale through the nose for 4 and exhale out the month for 8.  We are stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system to relax or bypass the stretch reflex to allow us to fully melt into the stretches and holds.  This will then allow us to truly lengthen the muscles and surrounding tissue.

        3)  Meet or beat....  this is the hold times.  We are wanting to use gravity and find a position we can hold for up to 3 to 5 minutes without wiggling or moving!  This is really quite difficult.  The idea is to meet or beat your personal hold times each time you practice.  

Beginner to advanced is welcome in this class as it is personal to each person's body and movement.  Props and toys will be utilized to allow the holds to be successful. This is not about the pose - it is about the practice.  It is a supplemental practice.  This practice will allow you to be stronger, more efficient and effective in your various sports. 

Presently this class is offered only on ZOOM.  




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