Sport  Stability and Mobility Training

It is becoming more common place to have repetitive injury or overuse injury in our young athletes and adults.  We are excited to offer this new class that will specifically train those overused and unstable joints!  Volleyball, basketball, softball, fastball, and baseball... any sport that requires the understanding and development of the shoulder girdle, core, hips and knees.  The class will start from the basics of connection and work from there.  The use of various suspension systems will be utilized to create an unbalanced training environment. 


Added awareness, endurance, and strength are required in athletes to keep their joints healthy, strong, and still flexible to allow the range of motion and agility needed in so many sports. Wrists, forearms, shoulders, torso, core, pelvis, hips, knees... what is not involved in sport.  This class will work slowly through proper alignment and execution of skills and advance participants slowly and steadily with full awareness.  Floor,  gliders, bosu, suspension systems, and the AB-EZE will be used throughout to challenge the body and the mind. 


The first session will focus on teaching basic alignment and awareness of movement patterns in the shoulders, scapula, wrists, spine, hips and knees in basic movements used in sport and fitness.  Breathing and how to connect the core effectively working inside to out.    Following sessions will build on this based around themes moving from back work, scapula, shoulder girdle and core days to legs, calves, plyo patterns for vertical and core days to chest and arms, shoulders, torso, and core days.  Safety and effective and efficient movement are key.  Stretch, release, and openers will be taught and used every day!    


Ages 12 up are welcome in this class.  6 people in total will be taken.  Our makeup policy will apply to these sessions.   

Pre-registration fee: $25.00 per class plus GST

Drop in fee:  $30

 per class for personal feedback and correction

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