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High Intensity Interval Training

Introduction to HIIT - what to expect, what level to pick, what equipment will be needed! 




involves 8 exercises. Each exercise is done for 20 seconds, and

repeated 8 times. There is a 10 second recovery, and 20 seconds to start the

next exercise.  This is a 30-35 minutes workout.



involves 4 - 7 exercises, each for 30 seconds.  You will move quickly from one movement to the net and then repeat the entire set of exercises 3-4 times.  This workout is 15 - 25 minutes long. 

This is a fabulous way to lose weight, tone quickly and effectively, and feel great. You will receive 1 introductory video, 3 HIIT videos, 3 TABATA style videos, and 1 Stretch and Release video.  

These programs are divided into three levels - Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

Beginner:  for individuals just getting back into exercise or with injuries that need modifications.  All patterns will be non impact and options to help with balance will be shown.

Intermediate:  for individuals who have been physical active.  The movements are kept to non impact or minimal but harder more intense options are given that involve weight on elbows, and hands, as well as balance challenges

Advanced:  for individuals who are very active and want a more intense workout.  Higher impact patterns will be utilized as well as weight bearing and balance movements.  Less modifications are given. 


  • mat

  • 2 gliders (face cloth/paper plates/plastic plates work)

  • chair for balance at the beginner level

  • access to a wall for beginner level 

  • ottoman or small bench to go down to elbows for holding positions if unable to weight bear on wrists

  • hand weights is optional but at the intermediate and advanced levels will increase the intensity


$42.00 including gst - Payment in studio:  cash, check, or debit.  Out of studio:  PayPal

or etransfer to 

To Register: 


Contact Fiona directly at Pick a level you are interested in. Send us your address you use to SUBSCRIBE to YouTube.  We will send you an invoice for that level.   After you have picked

a level and completed payment, ensure your are subscribed to our YouTube Channel Mobile Fitness and Pilates Studio Fiona Hermanutz.  We will send you the links to access via email and YouTube, the classes you have chosen.  

Example Full Tabata at a mixed level  Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced are show here

MINI TABATA Movement Vid 

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